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T-2 by LionForce Building Systems

Link to T-2 by LionForce Building Systems

On their blog, info_smallLionForce Building Systems recently announced their receipt of a 2009 Green Building Award from the city of San Antonio, TX. Their info_smallT-2 ecoLiving prototype won Best Green Custom Home under 2,200 sf.

We found some model information in a Social Media Release dated June 25, 2009:

model: info_smallT-2
size: 1,230 sf
br: 3
bath: 2

Pictures of the ecoLiving T-2 home can be found on the company's flickr page.

Hat tip: Jetson Green on June 25, 2009.

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Epoch Homes nominated for SBANE award

Link to Epoch Homes nominated for SBANE award

Some news we missed in March: info_smallEpoch Homes was nominated for a Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) Innovation Award for its Unique Green Design/Build System.

Interesting to note:

Epoch became the first modular home manufacturer in the nation to be certified under the Modular Green Approved program now offered by the NAHB Research Center, which administers the National Green Building Certification program for residential construction.

Hat tip: Building Systems on March 27, 2009.

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2008 AIA Housing Awards

Link to 2008 AIA Housing Awards
Wassiomig Residence by Robert M. Gurney, FAIA

While researching a post last week, we noticed that we overlooked last year's AIA awards. Here's the American Institute of Architects press release announcing the 19 recipients of their 2008 Housing Awards.

Of particular interest to Prefabcosm readers:

info_smallWissioming Residence by info_smallRobert M. Gurney, FAIA

From the architect's website:

Structural pre-cast concrete planks are employed throughout the project in effort to expedite the construction process, span large open areas and to provide the ability to heat the house hydronically.

info_smallStreeter House by info_smallSalmela Architect

By using prefabricated materials, this house sets a standard for sustainable construction methods. The house comprises a simple kit of parts: glass, concrete block, Glulam beams, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and pipe.

Macallen Building Condominiums by info_smallBurt Hill, Inc.

use of recycled materials, and fabricated systems, which were transported from within 500 miles, were all part of the sustainable design implementation

info_smallCrabapple House by info_smallRandy Brown Architects

The intended goal was to design an affordable, modern, eco-friendly home that would sell at the same price point as a homebuilder house with comparable square footage. The result was a modular-designed “bar” that sits on a poured-in-place concrete foundation.

info_smallUrban Infill by info_smallJohnsen Schmaling Architects

consists of two interlocking building blocks, a compact two-story wood cube, and a single-story concrete block bar. The cube is based on a strict 48-inch module to maximize the use of standard sheets

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WSJ on the 2009 AIA housing awards

Link to WSJ on the 2009 AIA housing awards
Hester & Hardaway

The Wall Street Journal recently looked at 10 winners of residential design awards from the American Institute of Architects. 2 of them fit our "prefab and modular" focus.

From their slideshow:

Cinco Camp (pictured above) by info_smallRhotenberry Wellen Architects:

This house is made from five recycled shipping containers

Laidley Street Residence by info_smallZack/de Vito Architecture:

Most of the home's frame was fabricated elsewhere and assembled on-site, a process known as panelized construction

Read the article for more information, and see the slideshow for 10 of the 17 winners.

Subtitle: An eco-friendly house and a series of rusted Texas 'trailers' get AIA awards
Author: Christina S.N. Lewis
Publication: The Wall Street Journal
Section: Real Estate (W8)
Length: 812 words
Date: April 17, 2009

Hat tip: Arch Daily on April 20, 2009.

Neither source links to the original AIA press release that lists all 17 winners in 4 categories: One/Two Family Custom Housing, One/Two Family Production Housing, Multifamily Housing, Special Housing.

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Loblolly designers win Firm of the Year

Link to Loblolly designers win Firm of the Year

Last week info_smallKieranTimberlake, designers of the info_smallLoblolly House, was awarded the Firm of the Year award by the American Institute of Architects:

KieranTimberlake ... is admired for its sustainable and research-based approach to design that has helped reinvent the nature of componentized construction....

KieranTimberlake’s projects include...many buildings featuring prefabricated components. This approach was also embodied by the Loblolly House, a 2006 residence for Kieran on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Kieran and Timberlake used building information modeling software that modeled the house and each of its parts through the supply chain, into their assemblage as larger modular components, and onto the building site. This method was inspired by the pair’s tour of a Boeing aircraft plant a few years earlier; their book, Refabricating Architecture, about the revelations they had while studying the aircraft, shipbuilding, and automobile industries, is now regarded as a classic....


Here's an Amazon link to the book.

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