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Prefabcosm: taking an extended break

Hello, Scott here.

I continue to believe that prefab and modular homes should play an ever increasing role in the housing market. But with the ongoing economic troubles, the demand for new houses is not likely to support much innovation for awhile.

As a company, we've always had several projects going at the same time. One of those is ramping up and needs more staff time, so it's time to halt our ongoing efforts at Prefabcosm.

The site will remain; I hope it continues to serve as a useful resource.

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Strongbox system by Roig Associates

Link to Strongbox system by Roig Associates

We recently received an email from Charles Roig of info_smallRoig Associates describing a project he has been working on for 10 years. Designed to withstand "a direct hit from an EF5 tornado or a Category 5 hurricane", it is a housing system called the Strongbox.

The company does not currently have a website, but according to an abstract he sent us, the Strongbox is

a wood system utilizing current technology in the fields of module manufacturing, forged hardware and building trades.


The Strongbox utilizes several factory fabricated lightweight wooden modules used in tandem with each adjacent module, then fastened together as a single unit. The unit is designed to be supported on four points only. They would rest on...raised concrete pier foundations for storm surge areas...or on rails, which are then connected to four piers for mobile home applications.

About the size:

Designed to fit in an interior area of 760 square feet with 9'-0” ceilings, the system can be used as a single module or multiple modules.

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Caribbean Affordable Solar House (CASH) by Universidad de Puerto Rico

Link to Caribbean Affordable Solar House (CASH) by Universidad de Puerto Rico

The final Solar Decathlon 2009 team on our list: Team Puerto Rico.

Their house: Caribbean Affordable Solar House (CASH).

From the DOE site:

The Puerto Rico team designed its entry for maximum connection to the outdoors and to serve as a model for energy-efficient homes in the Caribbean.

Worth a look:

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BeauSoleil Home by University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Link to BeauSoleil Home by University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The University of Louisiana calls their Solar Decathlon 2009 entry BeauSoleil, which means "sunshine" in Canjun French.

According to their site:

The house is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and to be totally self-sufficient, which makes it especially ideal for coastal environments.


TEAM BeauSoleil are dedicated to turning this real-world, sustainable living solution into an affordable, working model that can be sold to the public.

Worth a look:

Interesting to note: they are sharing updates on a Facebook page instead of a blog.

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The B&W House by Team Spain

Link to The B&W House by Team Spain

Here's another long-distance entry for the Solar Decathlon 2009: Team Spain's The Black and White House.

According to their site:

The major concept of the House is to be transportable and easy to build all over the world.

The prototype of The B&W House was therefore conceived as a modular plan made up of nine squares[.] For transport and assembly purposes, the house has been divided Into three mobile units.

Worth a look:

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