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2008 AIA Housing Awards

Link to 2008 AIA Housing Awards
Wassiomig Residence by Robert M. Gurney, FAIA

While researching a post last week, we noticed that we overlooked last year's AIA awards. Here's the American Institute of Architects press release announcing the 19 recipients of their 2008 Housing Awards.

Of particular interest to Prefabcosm readers:

info_smallWissioming Residence by info_smallRobert M. Gurney, FAIA

From the architect's website:

Structural pre-cast concrete planks are employed throughout the project in effort to expedite the construction process, span large open areas and to provide the ability to heat the house hydronically.

info_smallStreeter House by info_smallSalmela Architect

By using prefabricated materials, this house sets a standard for sustainable construction methods. The house comprises a simple kit of parts: glass, concrete block, Glulam beams, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and pipe.

Macallen Building Condominiums by info_smallBurt Hill, Inc.

use of recycled materials, and fabricated systems, which were transported from within 500 miles, were all part of the sustainable design implementation

info_smallCrabapple House by info_smallRandy Brown Architects

The intended goal was to design an affordable, modern, eco-friendly home that would sell at the same price point as a homebuilder house with comparable square footage. The result was a modular-designed “bar” that sits on a poured-in-place concrete foundation.

info_smallUrban Infill by info_smallJohnsen Schmaling Architects

consists of two interlocking building blocks, a compact two-story wood cube, and a single-story concrete block bar. The cube is based on a strict 48-inch module to maximize the use of standard sheets

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