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KieranTimberlake Associates LLP

aka: KieranTimberlake

Company type: Designer
p: (215) 922-6600
f: (215) 922-4680

KieranTimberlake Associates is an award-winning and internationally published architecture firm noted for its research, and innovative design and planning services. Founded in 1984 in Philadelphia by Stephen Kieran, FAIA, and James Timberlake, FAIA, the firm is comprised of fifty four professionals...

KieranTimberlake Associates' projects include the programming, planning and design of all types of new structures, their interiors; and the renovation, reuse and conservation of existing structures. The firm's clients include arts and civic organizations, cultural and educational institutions, corporations, industrial and research partners, and private residential clients.

We believe in process as the first art. Great and wonderful architecture cannot be made without the clear vision and guidance of a provocative client working in critical unison with the aspiring architect. We employ collective rather than singular intelligence in the making of architecture.


Status: prototype
Cellophane House modern - 1,800 sf 2 2 kit
Loblolly House modern - 2,200 sf - - kit or modules
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