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James Timberlake discusses lean manufacturing

James Timberlake of info_smallKieran Timberlake Associates recently shared his two-part info_smallCellophane House discussion as part of the Lean Manufacturing podcast series.

Part one (15:07) "focuses on the design principles and goals of the project."

Part two (12:23) "examines how modular design and Rexroth aluminum structural framing enabled the demonstration of unique lean construction and sustainable design concepts."

If you would rather read than listen:

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Rocio Romero on the radio

KWMU 90.7, a radio station in Perryville, MO, recently broadcast a bit about info_smallRocio Romero.

It's not often that the terms "prefabricated home" and "modern architecture" are heard together. But a young architect in Missouri has spent a decade figuring out how to bring low prices to the realm of high design.

Listen to the broadcast (3:35) via the player at the top of the article, check out their slideshow, and read the accompanying article.

Author: Matt Sepic
Publication: KWMU (90.7)
Section: News
Length: 562 words
Date: January 23, 2009

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Building Systems blog podcasts

Yesterday's post included a link to a Building Systems blog podcast. Here are a few more prefab-related interviews from their podcast page.

Person Company Minutes
Tedd Benson info_smallBensonwood Homes 40
Blaine Zulkoski info_smallNorth American Log Homes ?
Michelle Kaufmann info_smallMichelle Kaufmann Designs 30

Just to keep them all in one post:
Carl Krave Pocket Neighborhoods ?

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NPR interviews Slate's prefab skeptic

In August, Witold Rybczynski's skeptical take on prefab appeared in the form of a slideshow on Slate. We covered it, and disagreed. One thing we missed: he also made NPR.

The four minute interview reiterates much of the essay, but is worth a listen.

interviewer: Madeleine Brand
length: 4:06
date: August 9, 2007
publication: NPR's Day to Day

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