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Sunset Magazine features LVM by Rocio Romero

Link to Sunset Magazine features LVM by Rocio Romero
Thomas J. Story, styling by Miranda Jones, Samantha Schoech

Sunset Magazine recently featured the construction of an info_smallLVM kit home by info_smallRocio Romero in Tucson, Arizona.

For $22,050, the LVM kit included plans and the exterior shell and walls of the house, along with siding and a list of suggested finishes from Lowe’s and Ikea.

The article includes a slideshow of the 12 week building process.

Subtitle: A devoted do-it-yourselfer learns what it takes to assemble a factory-made dwelling from start to finish
Author: Samantha Schoech
Publication: Sunset Magazine
Section: Architecture & Design
Length: 687 words

Hat tip: re-nest on July 16, 2009.

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