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  March 2007
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Itsy Bitsy weeHouse

Link to Itsy Bitsy weeHouse

In the info_smallweeHouse, info_smallAlchemy Architects provide a model to follow for prefab. It seems fitting that it should be the first home we cover from CA Boom 4.

With just a small number of configuration and appearance options, and a fabrication process that includes all finishes, you really are getting a 'prefab' home. It might not be that custom home you've been thinking about since first grade, but a first grader could probably handle the ordering of this puppy.

The weeHouse features studio, one and two bedroom options, with the ability to customize and build a much larger home. The standard options range in price from $70,000 for a 300sf studio to $110,000 for a 650sf two bedroom. These prices don't include bringing the utility hookups to the site or the home's foundation; homeowners and their contractor are responsible for this on-site work. Standard finish and fixture options include Ikea cabinetry and fixtures, and, for a price, the more high-end Duravit sinks, toilets, and tubs.

The 12' modules are built in the factory and trucked to your (future) doorstep. Hire a crane (at ~$250/hr - $500/hr) to position the structure on your foundation, hook up the utilities and you are ready to go! It doesn't get much easier than that. This method is one that other prefabs really should aspire to.

Alchemy Architects offer a number of custom options too, ranging from the ability to design "not too wee" houses or even to site-build a weeHouse.

style: modern
price: $69,500 - $109,500 for standard models
size: 300sf - 700sf for the standard models
br: studio - 2 bedrooms
how: complete modules shipped to site, placed with crane
timeline: construction stated as 4-12 weeks

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Prefab Zone at CA Boom 4

Link to Prefab Zone at CA Boom 4

Prefab is definitely entering the design mainstream. Case in point: the presence of prefab at the CA Boom 4 show in Santa Monica March 30th through April 1st.

At least twelve prefab vendors will be on hand to showcase and sell their products. In order to be present, vendors had to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. ability to provide actual price quotes
  2. ability to receive and accept orders
  3. have at least one built dwelling under their belt
  4. have a manufacturing process in place (not just a plan)
  5. have knowledge of how to deliver and install the dwelling

These are serious players. They've proven that their products are ready to grow up and enter the real world, not just exist on paper.

All of the vendors present are part of the modernist prefab market. And some established players like Rocio Romero won't even be present. However, just to see the coverage and space being provided to the "Prefab Zone" is exciting, especially for those of us who believe prefab deserves a wider audience.

Between now and the show, I will profile each of the vendors and their products. I'll provide nightly updates of the internet buzz about the show and I will be attending on Sunday, getting a first-hand look at what the companies have to offer. So stay tuned!

what: Independent design show with over 100 exhibitors
when: March 30 - April 1, 2007
where: Santa Monica, CA

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Prefab is poised to change the housing industry. The new emphasis on cutting-edge design and high-quality construction complements the traditional benefits of shorter construction times and the potential for lower costs.

Our primary audience is the potential prefab or modular homeowner.

Our second audience is the prefab industry, including the people and companies that contribute to and produce the materials, products and events that build prefab homes.

As a designer and builder myself, I hope to bring you the latest news, with some added insight. I look forward to sharing my passion for design, and playing whatever small role I can to help move the prefab industry forward.

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Our aim is to create the web's #1 resource for prefab and modular homes. Read our blog for daily news, and browse around to learn more about the emerging world of prefab.