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Popular Science: prefab panels by kama EEBS

Link to Popular Science: prefab panels by kama EEBS
Peter Bollinger

Popular Science recently featured a project using a new type of prefab panel frame by info_smallkama Energy Efficient Building Systems.

These aren't your conventional structural insulating panels. Instead of foam and strand board, Kama...custom-makes the rigid panels out of light-gauge metal studs and a special type of expanded polystyrene called Neopor that's non-toxic, fully recyclable and blended with graphite to lock out heat, moisture and mold.

According to John B. Carnett, the Popular Science staff photographer who is building the house:

They cost me about 5 percent less than a stick frame would have, but they're 60 percent more energy-efficient and can cut heating and cooling bills in half.

The price listed in his specs for the prefab panel box installation is $7.04 per sf.

Carnett claims to be "the first in the U.S to incorporate Kama's new panels."

House details:

model: Green Dream
size: 3,500 sf
br: 4

Follow progress via his blog.

Subtitle: Pre-fab panels instead of a wood frame save cash and energy
Author: John B. Carnett
Publication: Popular Science Magazine
Section: The Environment
Length: 387 words
Date: July 17, 2009

Hat tip: Jetson Green on July 21, 2009.

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