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Rocio Romero article

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At Home St. Louis features an article on info_smallRocio Romero and her info_smallLV Series this month:

"Now in her fourth year in business, she has sold more than 100 homes.

One thing that should kick up the ticker is the fact that LV buyers are now buying more than one unit and putting them together. Ms. Romero and staff customize the design for every house — doing site plans, moving walls, enlarging baths and closets, converting bedrooms into exercise rooms, home theaters, offices — whatever the owner wants....And for those who find one LV a bit too confining, she has a two-story version on her drafting board."

Read the full article for details on Rocio Romero, LLC and how the LV Series got its start.

Author: Christy Marshall
Publication: St. Louis Magazine
Length: 1300 words
Issue: July/August 2007

(Hat tip: Jetson Green)

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