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This week: Marmol Radziner, prefab love, and Sundance

Link to This week: Marmol Radziner, prefab love, and Sundance

The Good Human's Prefab Wednesday enjoys the designs from info_smallMarmol Radziner Prefab, but wants something affordable:

"I would really like to see an affordable, attractive and modern prefab house come on to the market. As much as I love all these designs, the price just puts it outside the realm of possibility for us and most other people."

A blog called cobalt_blue praises prefab and the info_smallLV Series from info_smallRocio Romero:

"Years ago, I had no concept of the words 'prefab housing' meant. I thought that it was a fancy euphemism for what we call a trailer home, or doublewide. This is until I had heard the words 'Rocio Romero' and the 'LV Home' mentioned in an article."
Read the whole thing (875 words).

Collin Dunn unleashes the snark (and wild exaggeration, e.g. "99.99%") on Treehugger's blog at the Sundance Channel, with several links to prefab coverage on

Inhabitat's Prefab Friday covers the info_smallperrinepod, which we'll look at in more detail shortly.

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