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XtremeHomes: modular building the green way

Link to XtremeHomes: modular building the green way

We recently reported on the info_smallmkLotus show house from info_smallMichelle Kaufmann Designs. Modular builder info_smallXtremeHomes will be fabricating the mkLotus at their factory in Oroville, CA.

"XtremeHomes provides a diverse array of architectural styles from ultra-modern to highly detailed alpine homes. Our product offerings address a variety of consumers with our entry level Neighborhood Series™, to an XtremeCustom™ home or a house from one of our Signature Series™ architects. Through its ongoing research and development, XtremeHomes focuses on ways to produce homes with less environmental impact, that are more energy efficient, are healthier and of higher quality. XtremeHomes, an Energy Star® partner, endeavors to build all of its houses to Energy Star®, LEED® and Build It Green® standards."

XtremeHomes will be a part of the West Coast Green building conference in September.

As an aside, are we the first to link to their (new?) Web site? This post should help get them into the Google results:

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Sheila Muzzy on August 29, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.
We lost our home and offices in hurricane katrina. Our Engr. consulting co. goes on and we`re looking for "dry Land" somewhere and find your building concept interesting and may come to the West Coast Green Conference. Thank you, Sheila L. Muzzy
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