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  June 2007
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This week: LV Series, refrigerator panels, and Michelle Kaufmann

Link to This week: LV Series, refrigerator panels, and Michelle Kaufmann

The Good Human's Prefab Wednesday covered Rocio Romero's info_smallLV Series:

"Affordable? Check. Cool? Check. Approved by the wife? Not so much, at least not yet. But Rocio Romero is on to something here with the LV series of prefab homes..."

Inhabitat's Prefab Friday showed off more photos of the Espace Mobile that popped up last week.

Jetson Green's Flickr Friday introduced us to David Hertz's Panel House:

"This home is a three-story modern home in LA designed by David Hertz for Thomas Ennis. In the place of walls, Hertz's design called for industrial refrigerator panels--it keeps cool when it's warm outside and keeps warm when it's cool outside."

New York television station WSTM profiled a home designed by info_smallMichelle Kaufmann Designs:

"It's a strange thing that in 15 years of building homes the house that Paul Melish is most proud of is one he didn't build at all..."

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