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  July 2009
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LaMi Design introduces ibu-revolution

Link to LaMi Design introduces ibu-revolution

Yesterday, info_smallLaMi Design (La Vardera Milano) introduced ibu-revolution with a long post that goes into some of the history of container-based prefab.

According to the new page on their site:

ibu_revolution is a system for building dwellings from ISO standard shipping containers. It is a scalable manufacturer/dealer/sales force friendly system that yields the maximum product diversity from the smallest part set. It leverages the portability and strength of the ISO units and overcomes the limited width of the modules. This is the way to build dwellings with shipping containers.

An earlier post specifies:

[It's] not a house design - [it's] a platform for making house designs.

Watch the promotional video (2:08) and follow progress via twitter.

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Popular Science: prefab panels by kama EEBS

Link to Popular Science: prefab panels by kama EEBS
Peter Bollinger

Popular Science recently featured a project using a new type of prefab panel frame by info_smallkama Energy Efficient Building Systems.

These aren't your conventional structural insulating panels. Instead of foam and strand board, Kama...custom-makes the rigid panels out of light-gauge metal studs and a special type of expanded polystyrene called Neopor that's non-toxic, fully recyclable and blended with graphite to lock out heat, moisture and mold.

According to John B. Carnett, the Popular Science staff photographer who is building the house:

They cost me about 5 percent less than a stick frame would have, but they're 60 percent more energy-efficient and can cut heating and cooling bills in half.

The price listed in his specs for the prefab panel box installation is $7.04 per sf.

Carnett claims to be "the first in the U.S to incorporate Kama's new panels."

House details:

model: Green Dream
size: 3,500 sf
br: 4

Follow progress via his blog.

Subtitle: Pre-fab panels instead of a wood frame save cash and energy
Author: John B. Carnett
Publication: Popular Science Magazine
Section: The Environment
Length: 387 words
Date: July 17, 2009

Hat tip: Jetson Green on July 21, 2009.

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