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Passive homes from Sweden

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Back in March, Swedish designer info_smallKjellgren Kaminsky Architecture and developer info_smallEmrahus presented six prefabricated "passive" homes at the Hem & Villa housing fair in Malmö, Sweden, with a second presentation last month.

Here's a paraphrase from Google's translation of the Emrahus home page:

The reason that we no longer need a heat source is that the house has well insulated walls and ceiling ... which retains the heat generated by household appliances, lights, TV set, and people who live in the house.

The houses:

model br size

Villa VÄRDE 3 1,292 sf
Villa Mittskepp 2 1,722 sf
Villa Sida Vid Sida 2 1,722 sf
Villa TÅRTAN 4 1,862 sf
Villa Fixa 4 2,045 sf
Villa Dragspel 2 - 4 1,076 - 2,153 sf

Blog coverage:

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