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Home Delivery exhibition catalog available for purchase

Link to Home Delivery exhibition catalog available for purchase

MoMA's exhibition catalog is available for purchase (Amazon, sale price $29.70), but won't ship until August 1.

The catalog includes three essays:

  • "Home Delivery: Viscidities of a Modernist Dream from Taylorized Serial Production to Digital Customization" by Barry Bergdoll [curator]
  • "Scandinavia: Prefabrication as a Model of Society" by Swedish historian and critic Rasmus Wærn
  • "Postulating the Potential of Prefab: the Case of Japan" by Ken Tadashi Oshima, a historian of Japanese architecture.

Other contents:

  • "substantial descriptive texts" of each of the 63 projects in the show, written by Peter Christensen
  • contributions from guest authors Robert Rubin, Friedrich von Borries, and Florian Breipohl
  • a chronology of prefabricated buildings
  • a selected bibliography

Sounds like a must-have.

subtitle: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling
author: Ken Oshima, Rasmus Waern, Barry Bergdoll, Peter Christensen
release date: August 2008
list price: $45.00
details: 248 pages, Hardcover
publisher: The Museum of Modern Art

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