The world of prefab and modular homes.
  December 2007
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Prefabcosm update: one-click navigation of prefab and modular homes

Link to Prefabcosm update: one-click navigation of prefab and modular homes

We've been quietly organizing our database of prefab and modular homes by style (traditional or modern), price, size, bedrooms and construction method. Click any choice to see the matching home models; click again to refine your search. At each stage, options that have no data are crossed out.

Other new features:
• a new company index that summarizes what each provides
• individual pages for each home model and variation
• you can now leave comments on home models, variations and companies
• an improved front page with direct access to key features of the site

We have more changes planned; please let us know if you have any specific information requests.

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Howstuffworks on prefab

Link to Howstuffworks on prefab

Howstuffworks features a comprehensive article on prefab homes:

But what exactly is a prefab house? How are the pieces constructed and assembled? How much money does it take to get a house on a plot of land? And what kind of instructional manual comes with the ultimate model kit?

In this article, we'll find out what prefabricated houses are all about.

The article is chock-full of information, with subsections including:
• Introduction to How Prefab Houses Work
• History of Prefab Houses
• Modern Prefab Houses
• Types of Prefab Houses
• Prefab Housing Cost
• Prefab House Construction
• Prefab Around the Globe
• Lots More Information

Publication: Howstuffworks
Length: ~4,000 words
Author: Tiffany Connors
Date: December 1, 2007

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