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West Coast Green: Sheri Koones

Link to West Coast Green: Sheri Koones

Sheri Koones spoke at West Coast Green on Thursday. I didn't get there in time to listen, but I wish I had. I tracked her down later in the day and chatted briefly about prefab and what she's working on. It sounds like another prefab book, a follow-up to Prefabulous, may be in the works. She's a wealth of information and I hope to speak with her more soon.

The Pardon Our Dust blog at the LA Times sat in on the talk:

"...I kind of cringe at the idea of building prefabricated homes and additions in factories....

But after listening to a talk today by Sheri Koones...I'm really warming to the idea....

And modular or prefabricated houses need not be boring, off-the-shelf boxes. Nearly all the homes in Koones' book were custom-designed by architects."

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