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EcoUrban: update

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I sent an email off to Jay Swoboda of EcoUrban in St. Louis asking about a discrepancy between the home listed for sale on their site and the standard specifications of the model. He says:

"The standard 1,600 square foot home has just 2 bedrooms. However, in our display home, we finished out 250 square feet in the basement and with a closet and egress, this can be considered a 3rd bedroom. Also, $279,900 is the price for our LEED-registered home at 3140 Pennsylvania (we will soon receive our Platinum designation) - we offer homes starting at $200k that are still LEED-silver certified...Another item that we are particularly proud of is our $100 per month utility bill (electric, gas, water and sewer), of which only $60 is gas & electric."

standard model:
name: EcoUrban
style: modern/traditional
size: 1,600 sf
br: 2
bath: 2.5
price: ~$200,000
method: modules
features: 8'/9' ceilings, Low-E windows, LEED Silver certified

upgraded display model:
name: 3140 Pennsylvania Ave.
style: modern/traditional
size: 1,850 sf
br: 3
bath: 2.5
price: ~$279,900
method: modules
features: 8'/9' ceilings, Low-E windows, LEED Platinum certified, $60/mo for gas & electric

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