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Lazor Office's FlatPak House

Link to Lazor Office's FlatPak House

info_smallLazor Office had been experimenting with prefabricated housing techniques for a year before the Dwell Homes competition. While the firm didn't participate in the competition, it was building a prototype of the info_smallFlatPak House at the same time. In an exhibit about prefab architecture at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the FlatPak project is explained:

"Charlie Lazor, principal of Minneapolis-based Lazor Office, began his exploration of prefabrication in 2002 through the creation of a home for his family. The resulting prototype — a two-story, three-bedroom, three-bath house with a separate study and guest room — was completed in 2004 and launched the FlatPak series. As the name suggests, the system evokes a do-it-yourself attitude by offering owners a wide range of choices and a hand in the layout of their spaces."

Lazor Office FlatPak also provides three designs for the Dwell Homes. Each sports a stucco/concrete look combined with wood and glass.

size: 3,044sf
additional square footage (decks, basement): 566sf
bedrooms: 3 - 5
bathrooms: 2.5

size: 1,513sf
additional square footage (decks, basement): 610sf
bedrooms: 1 - 2
bathrooms: 2

size: 1,465sf
additional square footage (decks, basement): 1,695sf
bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 2.5

All models feature:
primary materials: stucco, wood siding, wood windows, wood decking

Articles and blog posts about the homes from Lazor Office: The Walker Art Center's catalogue of their "Some Assembly Required" show shares info on Lazor Office. CubeMe offers some pictures and hints on where to see a FlatPak house. Jetson Green shows off Flickr photos of the FlatPak Houses.

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