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The Skinny Project by Postgreen Homes

Link to The Skinny Project by Postgreen Homes
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info_smallPostgreen Homes recently announced their newest project in Philadelphia, built with SIPs.

We are building three new homes on E. Susquehanna Ave in East Kensington, just a few doors down from the original 100k Project.

They are calling these homes "The Skinny Project".

...named for the new model we will be debuting in this build. The Skinny, designed to fit on Philadelphia’s narrow lots, offers an extremely flexible, open floor plan.

model: info_smallSkinny
designer: info_smallPostgreen Homes
br: 2
bath: 1
price: starting at $250,000
available: yes

They also launched a home customization tool for the Skinny and three additional models:

Model BR Bath Price

info_smallFamily 2 1-2 starting at $260,000
info_smallLoft 1 1 starting at $250,000
info_smallWork 1 1 starting at $250,000

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Postgreen Homes in Philadelphia

Link to Postgreen Homes in Philadelphia

info_smallPostgreen Homes is "a real estate development firm specializing in modern, green and affordable buildings in Philadelphia’s urban neighborhoods."

According to their site:

projects include single and multi-family residential units as well as mixed-use and commercial buildings for both purchase and lease

Their first project was a loft townhouse built with SIPs.

model: info_small100k House
developer: info_smallPostgreen Homes
size: 1,150 sf
br: 2
bath: 1
available: yes

From the 100k House Project Summary page:

It was conceived as an attempt to prove that green construction can be affordable if properly designed and executed. The project name came from the target construction cost (labor and materials only) for the smaller of the two homes.

Interesting to note: The 2 unit building (includes the 100k House and the 120k House) has a projected sales price of $200,000 - $250,000.

Worth a look:

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