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New models from Ecohealth and Penn Lyon

Link to New models from Ecohealth and Penn Lyon

info_smallEcoHealth Homes, in conjunction with info_smallPenn Lyon Homes is now offering a collection of 5 new home models. Together, they won the 2008 National Modular Housing Council Concept Home Design Award.

Model details:

Model Size BR Bath

info_smallThe Chatham Hill 1,904 sf 3 2.5
info_smallThe Sierra 2,368 sf 3 2.5
info_smallThe Bungalow 2,610 sf 2 2.5
info_smallThe Tacoma 2,808 sf 3 2.5
info_smallThe Savanna 3,288 sf 3 - 4 2.5

View the floorplans:

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Ecohealth in the news

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette in Massachusetts recently featured Michelle A. Roberts, founder and creator of info_smallEcoHealth Homes.

Her opinion about modular homes:

“They are designed with detailed, engineered plans. And they are made in factories in a controlled environment where there are safe, happy workers,” Ms. Roberts said. “There are some gorgeous mansions that are modulars.”

Besides better quality, she said, modular offers fewer construction delays, a tighter building envelope and continuous inspection throughout manufacturing.

Read the entire article for more information about Ms. Roberts. Interesting note: she has been appointed to Governor Deval Patrick's Massachusetts Zero Net Energy Buildings Task Force.

Subtitle: Seeking health and safety in homes and furniture
Author: Karen Nugent
Publication: Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Section: News
Length: 640 words
Date: March 26, 2009

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The sustainability of modular housing

The New York Times recently discussed the sustainability of modular housing.

The modular housing industry likes to say that it has always had a few characteristics that today might be considered eco-friendly — from reduced waste to a smaller construction footprint.

But it’s only recently — and increasingly amid the flagging housing market — that manufacturers of factory-built homes have realized that concepts like efficiency and sustainability can make for good business strategy.

Mentioned in the article:

Read the entire article.

Author: Nick Chambers
Publication: New York Times
Section: Green Inc. Blog ("Energy, the Environment and the Bottom Line")
Length: 467 words
Date: February 11, 2009

(Hat tip: Charles Bevier of Building Systems on February 11, 2009.)

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