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Modular public housing in Colorado

info_smallAll American Homes recently issued a press release to announce their pilot project with the Boulder County Housing Authority.

The goal:

... to create one, affordable, near zero energy duplex and one single family ranch ...[using] leading-edge technology and modular construction practices.


It is expected that the homes will be delivered to the Lafayette, Colorado site in late April 2009, and be ready for occupancy by the end of June.

Hat tip: Building Systems on April 10, 2009.

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MKD multifamily in Denver

Link to MKD multifamily in Denver

Construction is about to begin on the Aria Denver project by info_smallMichelle Kaufmann Designs.

From Ms. Kaufmann's blog:

The construction contract for Phase 1 of the Colorado-based multifamily community project we’ve designed, called ariaDenver, has officially been signed!


it embodies many of our core beliefs about community in terms of sustainable design, off-site construction techniques, and diversity.


Phase 1 includes 8 homes, and an additional 106 townhouse homes are planned for the following phases, with a mix of 2- and 3-stories, live/work, market rate and affordable green homes.

For other renderings, see her post dated October 16, 2008.

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Aspen goes modular

Link to Aspen goes modular

A few weeks ago, the Aspen Times featured a number of high-end modular construction projects happening around the Aspen, CO area.

some modular home companies...“can make those [modular houses] look like all the other fancy custom homes in the valley,” and in certain cases they can do it quicker and for less money, according to Steve Bossart, a project manager with the city of Aspen who is familiar with ongoing studies into modular technologies.

They mention the following companies:

Read the full article for details.

Subtitle: Alternative construction techniques can keep building costs down
Author: John Colson
Publication: The Aspen Times
Section: Business
Length: 1,128 words
Date: November 4, 2008

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Colorado modular on a budget

Link to Colorado modular on a budget

The Denver Post reports on a modular homeowner near Denver:

Jill Warner is having a new home built in Salida that's as green as possible without "going overboard," she said.


Warner wanted to buy a prefab home from the beginning, but her early research revealed a stiff price tag — about $320 per square foot using an out-of-state builder.

Then she dug deeper and found companies closer to home. That cut the price by more than half.

Warner found Northstar Homes, based in Loveland, Colorado. According to Hollis Hunt of Northstar:

...people incorrectly assume going green means a sizable price tag. He says homebuyers can make choices that won't break the bank.

Their site features some helpful resources, including a list of modular home myths.

Read the full article for other tips on how to build prefab and meet your budget. The article also updates readers on the MKD development in Denver that we've reported on previously.

subtitle: Factory-built homes create less waste than traditional homes, helping to shrink carbon footprints
author: Christian Toto
publication: The Denver Post
length: 704 words
publication date: May 25, 2008

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