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ZETA Communities in CA

Link to ZETA Communities in CA

Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle featured factory-built homes by info_smallZETA Communities. ZETA stands for "Zero Energy Technology and Architecture".

Zeta hopes to capture the market for multifamily townhomes, lofts and apartments that are affordably priced and complement environmentally conscious smart growth


a two-bedroom live-work townhome would be sold to developers for approximately $258,000 per unit, including shipping, installation and mechanical systems and appliances

The Chronicle's blog previously covered ZETA's demonstration home in Oakland.

Interesting to note:

[ZETA] is not intending to do business directly with homeowners. Rather its business model is based on marketing itself to architects and developers by taking existing building plans and figuring out how to build them in modular pieces.

Author: Robert Selna
Publication: San Francisco Chronicle
Section: A-1
Length: 728 words
Date: June 23, 2009

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