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Hollywood Hybrid by Marmol Radziner Prefab

Link to Hollywood Hybrid by Marmol Radziner Prefab
Marmol Radziner Prefab

Inhabitat recently covered the setting of a hybrid house in Hollywood Hills, California. The post includes 8 installation photos.

size: 2,576 sf
br: 3
bath: 3.5

Called a “hybrid” because the house combines prefab with site-built construction, the ground floor of the home includes two large rooms that are built into the foundation of the house. Besides that, the house is entirely comprised of prefabricated modules on the upper two stories.

Inhabitat referenced an LA Times post which mentions price:

$725,000 for module fabrication, delivery and setting; $140,000 for design fees; and $50,000 for engineering .... The cost of the land, site construction (foundation, utilities, plumbing) and permits were not disclosed.

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