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MetroShip: a prefab houseboat

Link to MetroShip: a prefab houseboat

David Ballinger, founder of info_smallMetroShed, recently emailed us about his latest project: a prefab houseboat.

From the press release (PDF):

The MetroShip represents 7 years of boat design and planning to utilize unique materials for a houseboat application. I wanted to incorporate the manufacturing efficiencies of our pre-fab buildings (MetroShed) into a luxury aluminum hull houseboat product.

.... most houseboats have lots of windows to let light in – but the result is a very poor looking design. We use transulent thermal aluminum walls....

Some highlights:

  • 48ft x 12ft
  • modern New York City loft style interior
  • The furniture is all ‘green’ – using recycled frames and remnant fabrics made by sister company, MetroSofa.

Check out the MetroShip website for more information.

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