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aka: GDM Limited

Company type: Designer
p: (310) 295-0072
f: (310) 564-2033

MetroShed is owned by UK-based design and marketing consulting company, GDM (Duplication) Ltd. GDM was created in 1995 by David Ballinger, the UK's ex-brand / marketing director for reality TV pioneer, Endemol Entertainment (creators of Changing Rooms, Trading Spaces, Extreme Home MakeOver, Big Brother, Ground Force and Fear Factor).

GDM opened U.S. operations in Pennsylvania in 1999 and in New Jersey in 2000 to service clients such as Western Union, BMW, PepsiCo, as well as Daimler-Chrysler, Nestle, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Kia Motors and Chevrolet. GDM continues to be at the forefront of modern design with the MetroShed, representing style, modern simplicity and value.


Status: available
MetroCabin modern $17,460-$32,500 190-320 sf 0-1 0-1 kit
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