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Eco Collection by Epoch Homes

Link to Eco Collection by Epoch Homes

info_smallEpoch Homes issued a press release back in May announcing their new Eco Collection.

According to CEO John Ela:

Our design goal was to expand upon our custom designed homes by offering some value engineered green homes that are lower cost to purchase and operate, while still offering a healthy lifestyle and resource efficiency.

Worth noting:

Epoch became the first modular home manufacturer in the nation to be certified under the Modular Green Approved program now offered by the NAHB Research Center

They are offering 10 models:

Model Size BR Bath

info_smallEcomod Butterfly 768 sf 1-2 1
info_smallEcomod Gabled 768 sf 1-2 1
info_smallEcomod Tiered 768 sf 1-2 1
info_smallEcowood Ranch 1,344 sf 3 2
info_smallEcowald Ranch 1,400 sf 3 2
info_smallEcoberg Cape 1,610 sf 2 1.5
info_smallEcovale Cape 1,860 sf 2-3 2
info_smallEcobrook Colonial 2,016 sf 3 2.5
info_smallEcoleaf Colonial 2,352 sf 3-4 2.5
info_smallEcoplex Duplex 2,464 sf 4 4

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