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Status: available
Ecoberg Cape traditional - 1,610 sf 2 1.5 modules
Ecobrook Colonial traditional - 2,016 sf 3 2.5 modules
Ecoleaf Colonial traditional - 2,352 sf 3-4 2.5 modules
Ecomod Butterfly traditional - 768 sf 1-2 1 modules
Ecomod Gabled traditional - 768 sf 1-2 1 modules
Ecomod Tiered traditional - 768 sf 1-2 1 modules
Ecoplex Duplex traditional - 2,464 sf 4 4 modules
Ecovale Cape traditional - 1,860 sf 2-3 2 modules
Ecowald Ranch traditional - 1,400 sf 3 2 modules
Ecowood Ranch traditional - 1,344 sf 3 2 modules
John Ela on May 16, 2009 at 9:42 a.m.
Kim, thanks for posting the information on our Open House. While most of our homes are fully custom, we have just introduced a line a standard green designs called the Epoch Eco Collection. They just went up on our web site, so you may not have seen them, yet. The designs range from colonial to contemporary, are pre-engineered to comply with the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 Silver Level, and open the door to Green homes for a wider market. Our custom homes have been LEED Platinum and NAHB ICC-700 Gold Certified. Let me know what you think. John
Jennifer on March 20, 2019 at 1 a.m.
This company is out of business
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