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The Pennywise House by Russell Versaci

Link to The Pennywise House by Russell Versaci

The Baltimore Sun reprinted a McClatchy-Tribune article about The Pennywise House.

It's part consciousness-raising effort and part marketing campaign for his house plans and a coming line of modular homes that will be based on them.


The houses ... [will] be based on the vernacular architecture of 10 regions of the country, which he thinks will help bring character to their environs.


He hopes his "Pennywise House" proposal will draw attention to the benefits of returning to those traditional architectural styles, with updates to make them livable today. Those styles developed and became popular because they were adapted to the local conditions, he said - deep porches in the hot South, for example, and piers in South Carolina's Low Country to raise the houses above the moist ground.

Here are the details of "The Simple Cottage Sampler" line:

  • designer: info_smallRussell Versaci
  • builder: info_smallHaven Custom Homes
  • size: 400 - 950 sf (can be expanded with additional modular units)
  • availability: on the east coast (US) later this year
  • price: has not been set
  • view designs (PDF)

Read the entire article.

Subtitle: 'Pennywise' line aims to make compact, regional architecture more desirable
Author: McClatchy-Tribune Information Services
Publication: Baltimore Sun
Length: 787 words
Date: March 8, 2009

(Hat tip: Building Systems on March 9, 2009.)

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