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Michelle Kaufmann: there's a bright side to the current housing market troubles

Link to Michelle Kaufmann: there's a bright side to the current housing market troubles

Back in November, info_smallMichelle Kaufmann released a new white paper (pdf) titled "Redefining Cost: A Beacon of Hope Shines through Housing Market Gloom".

In it, she says:

The convergence of the financial, energy, and housing crises has essentially become a perfect storm with the power not only to weed out the risky and damaging housing industry practices of old but also to encourage the promulgation of more economically and environmentally sustainable practices going forward.

While the paper doesn't address prefab specifically, it covers issues that could affect the industry. It's definitely worth a look.

Hat tip: Building Systems on November, 27, 2008.

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john w. on January 12, 2009 at 9:20 p.m.
Being the architect that she is, she misspelled the word 'cite', as 'site' presumably because of the frequence of the use of the word 'site' in the profession. Though I agree with the premise of the paper entirely, it'll be a generation, at least, before the consumer will ever consider the occupation and maintenance cost of owning a home over the purchase price, and it'll take some toothpulling to get them to appreciate the significance of the distinction. Why don't we teach simple civics in schools anymore? Why can't basic economics, finance and monetary matters be as to the fore as are matters of immediate pleasure? I just don't understand our priorities sometimes.
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