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  November 2008
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New prefab from Sander Architects in The New York Times

Link to New prefab from Sander Architects in The New York Times

Last month, the New York Times covered a new prefab home in Culver City, CA designed by info_smallSander Architects:

Inspired by the house that Charles and Ray Eames created in 1949 from a prefabricated steel frame and doors, windows and the like ordered from a catalog, the architects took the project on the condition that they could pursue a novel strategy. Besides using acrylic, Panelite, recycled steel and Styrofoam, they would try unusual ingredients like sunflower husks for wall panels and bookshelves, and blue jeans (for insulation).

Some facts about the house:

  • 4,200 square feet
  • 30 feet high (due to zoning)
  • took 3 years to plan and construct the entire project

Final construction cost:

$528,000, only about a third of the going rate for architect-designed houses of this size in the Los Angeles area.

That comes out to about $125/sf. Not bad.

Check out a slideshow of the house (13 pictures). Read the entire article for more details.

Author: Michael Webb
Publication: The New York Times
Section: D6
Length: 832 words
Date: October 16, 2008

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