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Prefabs in the Community (today in Philadelphia)

Link to Prefabs in the Community (today in Philadelphia)

If you are planning to attend A Clean Break in Philadelphia this weekend, don't miss their presentations being held across the street from the exhibit. Here's one:

speaker: Geoff Warner, AIA of info_smallAlchemy Architects
speaker: Dan Rockhill, JL Constant Distinguished Professor of Architecture and director of Studio 804 at the University of Kansas, and principal of info_smallRockhill & Associates
where: Philadelphia, PA
location: The University of the Arts, CBS Auditorium in Hamilton Hall, 320 Broad Street
date: Saturday, October 18, 2008
time: 2:00 - 3:15pm
cost: free
notes: Q&A led by PeiLin Chen of info_smallDiamond & Associates

Each will discuss their unique modular programs and successes with this chosen method of construction, particularly as an affordable and environmentally-friendly solution to land vacancy and community revitalization.

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