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  August 2008
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More on Zamore

Here's a round-up of other recent coverage on Zamore Homes. included Zamore's pitch:

...I sell detailed designs, plus a list of materials that customers can have shipped from nearby facilities, including Trussway for building supplies and Ikea for cabinets. I was the general contractor for the first three homes, which will be on sale in Houston this summer. Eventually I'll charge $3,000 to $7,000 for the list and drawings. concludes:

Pretty damn cool, if you ask me…

Dwell's blog wonders:

But is Zamore’s method the most sustainable? Michelle Kaufman, a leader in the prefab industry, argues that, in her experience, it’s more energy efficient to build offsite.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles remarks:

Now if they could only reduce the price of the land itself here, we'd be living in pre-fab comforts!

Jetson Green covered the homes earlier this month.

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