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The Home Delivery blog is hiding some of their best videos

Link to The Home Delivery blog is hiding some of their best videos

I'm a little obsessed with the progress updates over at MoMa's Home Delivery blog. Not least: several of the videos are great -- but some of their best are hidden behind a proprietary interface.

Try this. In the top right corner of their blog, move your mouse over the image. With luck, a control bar will slide up a bit from the bottom. Click the tiny square icon on the right and notice that the hard-to-read gray text on a light gray background changes. In theory, that means you switched to another video. In practice, it's hard to tell since there's not much action in some of them.

The time-lapse installation videos are definitely worth a look -- though it would be much better if each video was in a separate post that bloggers could link to.

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David on July 08, 2008 at 9:29 p.m.
Thanks for the note; we're not exactly "hiding" these, just waiting for the last bits of the install to finish before publishing them out to YouTube (dealing with weeks of footage from multiple cameras gets tough). To keep track of all of the videos (including some great ones by the architects and other filmmakers) we have a YouTube playlist going:

We will also be publishing out audio stops for the projects and incorporating video versions of these, so keep an eye out for that.
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