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  June 2008
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brio54: you decide what you want and how you want to build it

Link to brio54: you decide what you want and how you want to build it

info_smallbrio54 is a new prefab outfit started by architect Gernot Bruckner and partner Philip Macari. Their focus:

Passion for modern green design, and a simpler, more affordable building process.

We are committed to providing modern people with an environment that reflects their personal and functional needs.

While they are still working to build their first prototype, the plan sounds like a good one:

Aside from being the creators and the driving force behind the 'brio54|brand', we are in charge of product development. The production, delivery, and installation of our homes is handled by a team of national and international partners.

Specifically, Stock Building Supply, a company with 310 locations throughout the United States handles the supply of all materials to your site. The Brio54/Stock delivery system uses something called 'feature paks':

It combines on-site and factory based fabrication into one '[H]ybrid' solution....

'You-pick' offers a fast and easy way to customize your 'feature paks' to fit your needs.

Brio54 promises that their "owner-builder based construction system requires no general contractor..." and offers two options for project management, depending on your comfort level (and budget):

'Hands-off': Stock provides the overall project management between paks and the site supervision.

'Hands-on': You save, we advise. Overall project management and site supervision is your responsibility.

Currently, the website provides details for three different concepts, the H1, H2 and H3, ranging from 2,400 to 2,900 sf. The completed homes include interiors provided by Valcucine/DOM, insulated concrete foundation walls from Amvic Building Systems and windows and doors from SwissShade & Security.

Jetson Green covered the brio54 models in February. Inhabitat's Prefab Friday followed and fell in love. also commented:

The aim of brio54 is to offer functional, inspiring and affordable modern design to the masses, and from what I can tell, they’ve succeeded (at least at the concept stage).

It all sounds exciting; I can't wait to see some pricing info and the prototype when complete.

model: H1, H2, H3 from info_smallbrio54
status: prototype
size: 2,400 - 2,900 sf
br: 3-4
style: modern
how: kit

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