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  February 2008
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Beyond prefab: The Rolling Bench

Link to Beyond prefab: The Rolling Bench

Every now and then, we come across an item that isn't prefab but that we think is worth sharing. Here's one from Yanko Design:

Don’t you love the days following a rainstorm? The streets seem to gleam, the air is cleaner, and people are generally in a better mood to finally see the sun again. The only thing that sucks are all those wet benches and chairs. Fortunately clever designers (the Korean design gang) came up with a simple solution. The slats on these benches can rotate to the dry side by cranking the handle.

There are a few more details about designer Sung Woo Park over at Coroflot.

what: The Rolling Bench
designers: Sungwoo Park, Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Banseok Yoon, Eunbi Cho & Minjung Sim
details: not yet for sale

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