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Last year on Prefabcosm: videos

In addition to news articles and websites, we blogged about several videos of prefab and modular homes last year. A full list of videos we covered, in the order we covered them:

Name/Description Subject Length Date
Hive Modular landscape architect info_smallHive Modular 4:34 9/20/06
Hive Modular HGTV show info_smallHive Modular 6:51 2/08/07
Nashville Modern Prefab info_smallHive Modular 1:09 2/26/07
miniHome tour info_smallminiHome 5:07 3/24/07
Pacific Palisades Prefab info_smallOMD 4:11 4/15/07
Resolution: 4 Architecture factory info_smallResolution: 4 Architecture 3:40 5/28/07
Dwell Home open house info_smallResolution: 4 Architecture 2:19 5/28/07
Fly-through of a 3d rendering info_smallResolution: 4 Architecture 0:45 5/28/07
SG Blocks container install SG Blocks 0:31 7/31/07
CNET at the XtremeHomes factory info_smallXtremeHomes
3:14 8/30/07
CNET covers the PowerPod PowerPod 5:44 9/18/07
CNET visits the mkLotus info_smallMKD
3:13 10/2/07
SG Blocks Art Fennel interview SG Blocks 7:44 11/13/07
Res: 4 interview at OpenHouse NYC info_smallResolution: 4 Architecture 4:04 12/1/07
Marmol Radziner videos (7 videos) info_smallMarmol Radziner varies varies
Bob Vila covers modular (44 videos) miscellaneous varies varies
LivingHome installation info_smallLivingHomes ? ?
Modular homes on Cool Stuff Being Made miscellaneous >15:00 ?
Installation of Nevada House 1 info_smallMarmol Radziner 4:51 ?

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