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BURST*003 from SYSTEMarchitects

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qaodmasdkwaspemas0ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsUpdate: The model appearing in the MoMA show will be the BURST*008.qaodmasdkwaspemas1ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

info_smallSYSTEMarchitects' info_smallBURST*003 house is the third prefab model featured in the MoMA prefab exhibition.

Artdaily provides some details: qaodmasdkwaspemas3ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Designed to be assembled on site from laser-cut pieces, the Burst qaodmasdkwaspemas5ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls003 house is a computer-designed remake of the typical prefabricated box. Working from a computer formula that automates the specific pieces needed to create the house desired, the project is based on a system that can be adapted to a changing set of criteria. The 2003 prototype of the Burst qaodmasdkwaspemas4ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls003 project was built on Australia's Northeast coast, and won the Royal Australian Institute of Architects 2006 Wilkinson award. qaodmasdkwaspemas2ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

Architecture Australia explains further: qaodmasdkwaspemas7ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Laying out the plywood pieces was achieved using the software program used in garment manufacture with very little wastage. While high technology is used throughout the design and manufacturing process, low technology is intentionally employed for assembly and for maintenance. Assembly requires fewer skills but intense cooperation and concentration. The building was put together by architecture students in something akin to a barn raising. The architects are fond of this image, yet recognize that the design’s reliance on numbers of enthusiastic and sympathetic cheap labourers will make it less desirable for some. qaodmasdkwaspemas6ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

This fabrication method reminds me of the yourHouse. The process is explained through images and text on the SYSTEMarchitects site:

qaodmasdkwaspemas9ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Plywood cut by a computer-controlled laser. Delivered to site in sheets with the ribs numbered, scored, and holes cut. qaodmasdkwaspemas8ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

qaodmasdkwaspemas12ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas11ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Laser cutting 1 of 400 sheets. qaodmasdkwaspemas10ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

qaodmasdkwaspemas15ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas14ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Sorting 1,100 pieces of laser-cut plywood. qaodmasdkwaspemas13ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

qaodmasdkwaspemas18ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas17ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Underside of floor structure. qaodmasdkwaspemas16ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

qaodmasdkwaspemas21ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas20ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Laser-cutting efficiency -- the total waste from the plywood sheets. qaodmasdkwaspemas19ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

I can't help but be excited for the potential of the BURST* system and look forward to seeing the home at MoMA.

qaodmasdkwaspemas28ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas27ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsmodel:qaodmasdkwaspemas26ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls info_smallBURST* from info_smallSYSTEMarchitectsqaodmasdkwaspemas37ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas36ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas35ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsstyle:qaodmasdkwaspemas34ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls modernqaodmasdkwaspemas33ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas32ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas31ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflshow:qaodmasdkwaspemas30ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls kit of partsqaodmasdkwaspemas29ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

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