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Builder Magazine highlights prefab houses

Link to Builder Magazine highlights prefab houses

Builder Magazine recently highlighted 6 prefab houses that could change the future of home building:

[Y]ou’d think that with [traditional home] prices falling as fast as a brick that prefab housing would be a non-factor, but just the opposite appears to be true. In fact, prefab may play an even bigger role in the housing industry from here on, architects and builders say.

Read the entire article for more information.

Author: Nigel F. Maynard
Publication: Builder Magazine
Section: Builder 2009
Length: 1,762 words
Date: May 26, 2009

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Bensonwood's Unity House

Link to Bensonwood's Unity House

Tedd Benson of info_smallBensonwood recently shared a press release on his blog.

Unity House, the second home designed and constructed by Bensonwood Homes as part of the groundbreaking Open Prototype Initiative (OPI), has achieved LEED Platinum designation, the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest rating for environmentally sustainable construction.

The house is "the new residence of the Unity College president Mitchell Thomashow and his wife, Cindy." They have a blog about the house.

Check out the many photos on the OPI website

Bensonwood now offers an entire info_smallUnity Collection:

Name Size BR Bath Stories
Unity1 994 sf 1 1 1
Unity2 1,937 sf 2 2 1
Unity3 1,985 sf 3 2 2
Unity4 1,725 sf 3 2 1

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