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More modulars by Studio 804

Link to More modulars by Studio 804

While researching yesterday's post about info_smallModular 3, we noticed more prefab projects by info_smallStudio 804 at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Students in the program have used prefab since 2004.

In an effort to work as expeditiously as possible, we employ methods of prefabrication, building in modular units in Lawrence and shipping the final product to its final destination. This process limits construction waste, requires unique design solutions, and most importantly, allows students to continue to live in Lawrence throughout the process.

Interesting to note:

All aspects of the building process, with the exception of the licensed trades (electric, plumbing, and heating/air conditioning), are carried out by the students over the course of a single semester. This includes everything from initial design to finished construction and documentation.

Model Size BR Bath modules Year

info_smallModular 1 1,200 sf 2 1 5 2004
info_smallModular 2 1,200 sf 2 1 6 2005
info_smallModular 3 1,200 sf 2 1 6 2006
info_smallModular 4 1,500 sf 2 1 7 2007

Check out the projects page on their site and click through each for more pictures.

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Modular3 by Studio 804 in Kansas City

Link to Modular3 by Studio 804 in Kansas City
Diane Guthrie

We missed this article last fall. Natural Home Magazine featured a prefab home designed and built by students in the Studio 804 program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

model: Modular3
designer: info_smallStudio 804
size: 1,200 sf
br: 2
bath: 1
price: $153,000

built in six modular units in nearby Lawrence, Kansas, where the Studio 804 program is based, then trucked 40 miles to Kansas City and assembled

The students designed and built the home over the course of five months.

Check out the photo gallery and video (3:07).

Subtitle: This Kansas City prefab, designed by architecture students, proves that green homes can be edgy and affordable.
Author: Carol Crupper
Publication: Natural Home Magazine
Length: 1,621 words
Date: September/October 2008

Hat tip: Low Impact Living Blog on June 22, 2009.

Not mentioned in the article or post: the house was built back in 2006.

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