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ma modular homes by KRDB in Texas

Link to ma modular homes by KRDB in Texas

We recently received an email from info_smallma, an offspring of info_smallKRDB in Austin, TX. From their site:

When we were searching for a name for our new modern, modular company, we kept returning to the Japanese concept, ma, meaning an interval in time and space, a dramatic pause, the silence between phrases of music. In architecture it is a quiet, neutral space that enhances the whole of a design.

They currently offer 6 modules:

Model Size BR Bath

info_smalldharma 540 sf 0 1
info_smallkarma 540 sf 0 1
info_smallintima 540 sf 2 1
info_smallmaxima 900 sf 0 1
info_smallgrandma 900 sf 1 1
info_smallsoma 900 sf 2 2

More information:

  • connector and stair modules are available
  • timeline: "Zero-to-house in 180 days...Two weeks after arrival you can move in."
  • price: $125/sf and $150/sf
  • picture gallery
  • blog
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