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In the news: Habitat for Humanity builds 9 modular homes in Maryland

Link to In the news: Habitat for Humanity builds 9 modular homes in Maryland
The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun recently featured a Habitat for Humanity project consisting of nine factory-built homes in Chesapeake, MD.

According to the article:

Factory-built houses aren't just quick to put up, they're cheaper than homes constructed on-site. Advocates for lower-income residents are realizing that, done right, there's nothing of the much-maligned trailer park about houses coming off today's assembly lines.

Interesting to note:

Habitat's modular-home buyers are getting the whole package, land and all, with no-interest loans from the organization. Including pricey site work but not the cost to buy the land, each house cost Habitat $120,000. When the group built homes from scratch last year in Southwest Baltimore, the construction and site work totaled nearly $160,000 per house.

They include a video (1:54) discussing the project.

Author: Jamie Smith Hopkins
Publication: The Baltimore Sun
Section: Real Estate
Length: 844 words
Date: September 9, 2009

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