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  August 2009
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For Sale: Sustain miniHome prototype

Link to For Sale: Sustain miniHome prototype

On his blog, Lloyd Alter recently announced that he is selling his Sustain miniHome prototype.

It is a design classic, and the only one ever built. The miniHome Solo is solar and wind powered, a complete off-grid, self-sustaining year round machine for living.

designer: Andy Thomson of info_smallAltius Architecture
manufacturer: info_smallSustain Design Studio
size: 350 sf
br: 1
bath: 1
price: $100,000
available: yes

See the post for 3 interior photos and contact information.

For those who don't recognize the name: Lloyd writes for Treehugger, sharing some of his prefab expertise.

Lloyd Alter has been an architect ... [a] developer of award-winning condos and townhouses, inventor, and builder of prefab housing with Canada's Royal Homes. He .... is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University teaching sustainable design.

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weeHouse for sale in Wisconsin

Link to weeHouse for sale in Wisconsin

info_smallAlchemy Architects recently posted the real estate listing of a info_smallweeHouse in Siren, WI. This model has been on display since May 2009, according to an earlier entry.

size: 324 sf
br: studio
price: $48,000
available: yes


shipping and set to be paid by buyer (approximately $7/mi from Siren, WI + $1000. 'set' fees)

Worth a look: the listing includes 7 more pictures.

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