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More details on LionForce Building Systems

Link to More details on LionForce Building Systems

While researching yesterday's post, we found some interesting information about info_smallLionForce Building Systems and their construction process. According to their newly launched website:

We use a proprietary wall and roof panel system that incorporates Expanded Polystyrene integrally molded to fit a special metal stud shape.


The panel system used for the shell (walls and roof) of the home are manufactured offsite based on engineered drawings...panels are delivered similar to a “flat-pack” product, are easily handled without hoisting equipment

The cost for the shell system is "about 5% more than a conventional stick-framed shell" and a standard home (1,600 sf) takes about 120 days to build.

In addition to their "green" focus, the company emphasizes their use of technology:

At the core of the ecoLiving platform is Building Information Modeling, or BIM. BIM software is revolutionizing all construction related industries because it the first parametric construction modeling and documenting software.

Something to watch for: LionForce will be launching an interactive home "configurator" this summer, in which

decisions are guided by our real-time display of selections indicating price, energy efficiency, LEED rating, and operating cost.

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