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Viridis Homes in UK

Link to Viridis Homes in UK

info_smallViridis Homes in the UK offers 4 modular models:

Model Price Size BR Bath

info_smallBungalow $132,867
898 sf
(83.38 m²)
2 1
info_smallTerraced $79,845 - $95,814
(£50,000 - £60,000)
905 sf
(84.11 m²)
2 2
info_smallSemi-Detached $130,472
905 sf
(84.11 m²)
2 2
info_smallDetached House $133,181
905 sf
(84.11 m²)
2 2

According to their site:

Our homes are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and are delivered complete with all internal and external finishes, ready for assembly. Unlike other modular buildings, our homes can be transported and installed without the need for expensive cranes. Once the homes have arrived onsite, they are assembled and connected to services quickly and easily within 48 hours by our own team of specialists.

Hat tip: Manchester Confidential Property on May 6, 2009.

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