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AIA Expo April 30 - May 2, 2009

Link to AIA Expo April 30 - May 2, 2009

The American Institute of Architects 2009 National Convention and Design Expo is taking place this week in San Francisco. qaodmasdkwaspemas0ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

Their "Virtual Convention" is free:

Visit with more than 50 exhibiting companies in their virtual booths. View educational programs, chat with booth personnel, download brochures, and request the latest information on new products and services, all from your Internet-connected computer.

(We didn't see any prefab or modular companies listed, though several of the products may end up in prefab homes.)

Event info:

qaodmasdkwaspemas3ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas2ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflstitle:qaodmasdkwaspemas1ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls AIA 2009 National Convention and Design Expoqaodmasdkwaspemas24ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas23ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas22ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflswhere:qaodmasdkwaspemas21ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls San Francisco, CAqaodmasdkwaspemas20ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas19ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas18ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflslocation:qaodmasdkwaspemas17ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls The Moscone Centerqaodmasdkwaspemas16ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas15ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas14ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsdate:qaodmasdkwaspemas13ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls April 30 - May 2, 2009qaodmasdkwaspemas12ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas11ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas10ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflscost:qaodmasdkwaspemas9ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls $525 members, $875 non-members, free online access to exhibitorsqaodmasdkwaspemas8ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls qaodmasdkwaspemas7ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsqaodmasdkwaspemas6ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdflsnotes:qaodmasdkwaspemas5ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls on-site registration is now openqaodmasdkwaspemas4ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

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