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Steve Glenn of LivingHomes speaking tomorrow in Long Beach, CA

Tomorrow at California State University, Long Beach, info_smallLivingHomes founder and CEO Steve Glenn is leading a seminar on Building Green: Home Design and Construction.

This evening seminar is designed to address the emerging trend of developing healthier and smarter buildings by defining effective ways to utilize materials, energy, and water usage. The sustainable home combines elements from architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, environmental and land use planning, and construction management.

You will learn:

  • How to use the LEED rating system
  • LivingHomes' six core tenets to sustainable design
  • Green home building goals and objectives, and more

For more on Steve Glenn's interesting career, read his bio.

where: California State University, Long Beach
date: tonight, March 18, 2008
time: 6:30-9pm
cost: $35.00

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