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  March 2008
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New checkbox search for our database of prefab and modular homes

Link to New checkbox search for our database of prefab and modular homes

Hello, Scott here. Peter has just released a new feature that I designed (and he painstakingly implemented). It combines our previous one-click navigation with a more flexible search using checkboxes.

The earlier approach was quick:

  • click any parameter to go directly to those results
  • click any other parameter to drill-down farther

Here's how it looked (for homes priced between $100k - $199k with 1,500 - 1,999 sf):

Many online stores use this approach, but it has one big problem: what if your target doesn't match the specified ranges? Maybe you'd like 3-4 BR between 1,500-2,999 (which spans 2 ranges). That would take 4 different searches! The solution is simple: checkboxes.

Now you can be thorough:

  • click the checkbox for any parameter
  • click the checkbox for any other parameters
  • click "Search"

Many sites feature direct drill-down, others have checkboxes. We have both working together in the same form. (If you've seen this combination anywhere else, please send us the URL!) To add or remove a single parameter from your search, just click on it directly. To change several, use the checkboxes and click Search.

As before, options that have no data are crossed out. You can click on one to reset your search and see results for just that item.

Please try this new interface to what we think is the world's most complete database of modernist prefab homes that are available to order. (Plus some traditional style homes, and lots of prototype and custom prefabs.)

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