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Oy Polykem Ab

aka: Casa Finlandia

Company type: Designer

Polykem Ltd. ... launched a whole series of plastic buildings designed by [Matti] Suuronen. The Casa Finlandia series included the CF-100/200 service station (1969), the CF-10 kiosk (1970) and the CF-45 residential/commercial building, better known as the Venturo (1971). 22) All the buildings in the Casa Finlandia series were designed to be durable and convenient to mass-produce, transport and assemble. The numerical suffix in each buildin's name indicates its floor area in square metres. Polykem strove to sharpen the international profile of the Casa Finlandia series by publishing stylish 4-colour brochures complete with vivid product descriptions and catchy slogans.


Status: discontinued
The Futuro House modern - - 1 1 modules
Venturo modern - 484 sf 1 1 modules
Milos Prchal on September 09, 2008 at 9:47 a.m.
When I first time seen this houses I can’t believed, finally some one build some homes that I really like it! Since than I desperately looking for some company or contractor to build one for me when I will retired but it seems to me that I’m out of any luck! Please if any one here knows who can build one in Canada (Quebec) let me know. Thank you! M.
Mili on April 08, 2010 at 11:06 a.m.
Back in the 70's a company from St-Adèle, Qc, became an official distributor of the Venturo. Yeah, this is odd. I read that in a old architectural magazine. But from what I know, none was built or transported in Qc.

Many new designers propose similar concept today. The closest I've found is
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