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Venturo: CF-45

Status: discontinued
Designer: Oy Polykem Ab, Matti Suuronen
Image for Venturo
Oy Polykem Ab

The "Venturo" is a modular, easily transportable building system, having excellent insulation, low weight and designed for minimum assembly on site.

It is built of high quality materials in order to ensure maximum weathering properties for use in arctic as well as tropical climates and is almost maintenance free.

Being of low weight and factory preassembled, the Venturo means very low erections and foundation costs, where heavy equipment can be avoided.

Style: modern
Materials: Aluminum, Glass, Fiberglass
Construction method: complete modules
Square footage: 484 sf
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
1 story
Edward Larsen on May 10, 2008 at 6:05 a.m.
Looks FAB! I bet Aisslinger draged quite a bit of inspiration from the Venturo when he designed his loftcube... ;) They look alike, share the same proportions and both have a vast open space.

Any photos of the bedroom? I'd love to see it!
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